Skip Bo - Fun Card Games

Skip Bo - Fun Card Games

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Enjoy the Skip Bo 2022 with friends and families. Play your favorite game on your phone with unique gameplay and fun graphics.
With a different look of the game, Skip-Bo is intended for players who enjoy Skip games, Solitaire, Rummy, Card party, Phase 10, Spite, and Malice, or any card party games.

Play smart and you will be the winner. Skip-bo is a game of skill and strategy. The objective of Skip Bo Cards is to play all cards from the stockpile fastest before your opponent gets rid of theirs.

✔ Beautiful mobile game with many skins, appearances, and cards.
✔ Many skill level
✔ Skip-bo Multiplayer card game. Up to 4 players.
✔ Fast-paced and FUN gameplay
✔ Free BONUS every day
✔ Fun for EVERYONE!

How do you play Skip Bo?
At the start of the turn:
Draw 5 cards from DRAW PILE
Start a BUILDING PILE, if you have a SKIP-BO card or number 1 card on top of your STOCKPILE or in your hand
Play cards onto BUILDING PILE (you can only play numbers in sequence) from your STOCKPILE
DRAW 5 more cards if you play all 5 cards and CONTINUE PLAYING
End your turn if you can’t make a play or choose not to by discarding one card from your hand onto one of your DISCARD PILES
On future turns:
Draw enough cards to bring your hand to 5 cards
Add to the Building Pile by playing the top card from Stockpile, Discard the pile, or from your hand
If DRAW PILE is used up, cards from completed Building piles are shuffled and become the new draw pile
Now play this free Skip Bo Card Game and be the master
Hope you have a wonderful time playing!

Please rate and give your feedback for the Skip-bo game to help us improve it! Thank you!
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